Refer a friend and receive up to $60 cash back!

Register your child for a Term 3 Juniors Program and for every friend that you refer, receive $20 cash back, up to $60.
That’s almost the entire program, FREE!
Step 1: Register your child
Step 2: Refer up to 3 friends (they must register)
Step 3: Submit the form
Step 4: We will send your cash back!


Terms and Conditions:
  • You must have a child/ren registered for a Term 3 TRL Juniors Program.
  • Refer a friend to register their child for TRL Juniors.
  • The referee/friend must be registered before the program starts and before the cash back can be claimed.
  • This offer is $20 cash back for each child/family you refer.
  • Maximum of 3 referrals per child (i.e. you can only claim $60 back per registered child).
  • Claim your cash back via the below form.
  • Only one family can claim a friend’s referral. For example: Sally and Sarah refers Jack, Jack registers, Sally submits the form for referral. As Sally has submitted the form, she receives the referral for Jack, unfortunately Sarah cannot claim this too.
  • TRLwill have ultimate discretion in deciding on whether a referral is legitimate and valid.