About TRL Juniors

TRL (Touch Rugby League) is a fun, non-contact and inclusive sport for children. With TRL your child will be able to kick, run and pass to their teammates in a fun and safe environment with a coach to teach them every step of the way. TRL bears the closest resemblance to Rugby League out of all the touch football codes.

TRL Juniors offers programs for two age groups: Little League (6-8 years old); and Big League (9-11 years old).

Participants of TRL Juniors will receive one training session per week during School term at the nominated venue (and time). There will also be two Friday night gala evenings per term where teams from across Greater Brisbane will converge to play two games (per team). The gala evenings will provide an opportunity for participants to hone their skills in a game-environment.

TRL is already played by over 3000 adult teams each year across Australia….and it is time the next generation got to properly experience the fun as well!

Training Sessions

Each team trains once a week for 45 minutes under the tutelage of an accredited TRL Juniors Coach. The sessions focuss on being FASTFun, Active & Engaging, Skill Developing, Team Building. The training sessions are vital in building our players confidence and abilities (individually and as a team), whilst also developing each players knowledge on the rules of a TRL Game.

Gala Night Games

Games will be run on two nominated dates throughout the term at a central location.

Age Groups

There are two age groups:

  • Little League: 6-8 year olds.
  • Big League: 9-11 year olds.

Why Play TRL?

At TRL Juniors we focus on your child to deliver a safe, fun and professionally run sport. Parents are choosing TRL Juniors for many reasons:

  1. Non-Contact Rugby League
  2. Emphasis on fun
  3. Training and Games
  4. Easy weekly payment
  5. Cancel anytime*
  6. No volunteer requirement

TRL Juniors Rule Variations

  • Number of Players on the Field: 5-7 (depending on age group and situation)
  • Field Dimensions: approx 25m x 40m
  • Kick-Off: No requirement by the receiving team to catch on the full. Kicking team not to place any pressure on the receiving team and cannot regather the kick-off. There are no height or distance restrictions on a kick-off.
  • Offside: 5m offside/onside line from the point of the touch.
  • Dummy Half: MUST pass immediately and therefore cannot be touched.
  • Defensive Line: Defending players MUST wait until the Dummy Half’s pass has been caught before moving forward from the 5m offside/onside line.
  • Knock-Backs: The ball can be dropped backwards.
  • AFL Rule: No AFL Rule.
  • Girl/Boy Tries: All tries worth 1 point.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees and how do I pay?

Fees are $15.90/Week made by Direct Debit.

There is also an account set up fee of $6.50 which will be debited as soon as you register your child.

Payment is made in arrears via Ezidebit (Direct Debit). You will need to nominate either your Bank Account or Credit Card to make payment. Payments are made securely through our online registration portal. Ezidebit is a global organisation with an impeccable reputation.

When can I join and when does it finish?

You can join any time. Membership is perpetual until you cancel. We do not run during school holidays unless otherwise advised (payments are paused during these periods).

What happens once I have registered my child?

You will receive two emails from us. A Registration welcome email confirming what you have signed up for. In addition you will receive a Direct Debit information email confirming your Direct Debit including all relevant fees and charges that may be applicable. 

Please read these emails carefully. If you have received these two emails it means your child is able to participate at the next training session.


What happens if my child misses a training session?

You will be entitled to a lesson credit but only if you contact us (by email) within 24 hours of your missed training session. 

A lesson credit is a make up training session that sits on your account until you cancel your child’s membership. You will still be charged for that week’s training session but if for example, when you cancel you have two lesson credits, you just need to provide two weeks notice and they will participate in the last two weeks, free of charge (as they have already been paid for previously). 

NOTE: Lesson credits cannot be exchanged for refunds.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel at any time. To cancel your account, you must provide 5 calendar days notice via email to us – office@trljuniors.com.au 

These contact details are in your Registration Confirmation email.

Will there be any tackling?

No tackling. We are a non-contact, safe and inclusive sport for children.

Do Coaches have First Aid & a Blue Card?

Yes. All Coaches have First Aid qualifications and an active Blue Card.

Is there insurance?

Yes. We have both public liability and personal accident insurance – please contact us if you wish to source our Certificate of Currency.

How do I register multiple children? Is there a sibling discount?
To register multiple children, you will need to submit a registration form for each child.

We offer a $4 discount for sibling registrations.

This discount is a manual process – once you have registered, please reply to your confirmation email letting us know that you’ve registered multiple children and we can apply the discount for you.

Are there any other fees besides the weekly direct debit and account set up fee?

If your payments process, no. If your payment defaults, you will be required to pay a $11.95 dishonour fee on your next payment.